Macro photography in Bulgaria – Mid Summer

Macro photography tour in Bulgaria - Mid Summer

8 day macrophotography holiday in the high mountains of Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s unspoiled nature and variety of habitats provide excellent opportunities for Macro Photography in midsummer. Spring comes late in the high mountains of the Southwest and they become lively with numerous Insect, reptiles and amphibians.

On this Macro photography holiday we’ll explore the pristine south west corner of Bulgaria – from the sandstone cliffs of Melnik and the ancient volcanic crater of Kozhuh to the highest mountains on the Balkans – Rila and Pirin. We will have the chance to photograph a wide range of butterflies, moths, plants, spiders and numerous other insects, as well as good number of reptiles and amphibians.

The tour is suitable for both people already familiar with macrophotography and those who want to try it for the first time. In addition to the daily outings we will discuss various techniques and talk about gear and lenses.

We will stay in three areas to maximize the potential for macrophotography at each of them – Struma valley and its wild Kresna gorge and Mesta valley, sheltered between some of the highest mountains of Bulgaria. There will be early morning and evening sessions to take advantage of the best light and the activity of the macro subjects.

We’ll keep our itinerary flexible, so we can move to a different areas, according to the best condition in terms of weather and photography.



Day 1 Arrival at Sofia airport and transfer to our first base in Struma valley. Depending on flight times we may stop at several places for short photography.

Day 2 - 3 In the next two days will explore various terrains along the Struma valley – one of the richest places in terms of biodiversity in Bulgaria.

Every morning we’ll do early outings to different areas near the hotel or short drive from it in order to take advantage of the best light for macro photography and the fact that most of the insects are less mobile.

The whole area is great for butterflies and moth some of which will be: Hummingbird Hawk Moth, Apollo, Swallowtail and Scarce Swallowtail, Lesser-spotted fritillary, Little Tiger Blue, Kruper’s Small White, Common and Hungarian Glider.

Various dragonflies and Damselflies can be spotted near the river - Banded Demoiselle, Balkan Goldenring, Sombre Goldenring, Club-tailed Dragonfly, Green-eyed Hooktail

Other interesting macro subjects will be – the beautiful Spoonwing - Nemnoptera sinuate, the fierce Scolopendra cingulate, several species of spiders, as well as snakes and lizzards.

Day 3 – 4 On day 3 we’ll cross the majestic Pirin mountain in order to reach the valley of Mesta river to the West. Our next base is situated near the Greek border between two of the highest and interesting mountains of Bulgaria – Slavyanka and Pirin Mountains. Here we have the unique combination of the high mountain and the Mediterranean climate, and extreme abundance of wildlife.

Some of the highlights here will be : Spoonwing Nemnoptera sinuate, Palpares libelluloides, Empusa fasciata, Bradyporus dasypus, Argiope bruennichi.

Butterflies typical for the area are: Southern White aAdmiral, Freyer’s Purple Emperor, Lesser Fiery Copper, Meleager’s Blue, Great Banded Grayling, Anomalous Blue, Nettle-tree Butterfly, Cardinal, Balkan Marbled White, Yellow-banded Skipper.

Along the river there will be Balkan Goldenring, Scarce Chaser, Southern Darter,

Keeled Skimmer

Reptiles include: Herman’s and Spur-thighed tortoise, Dice snake, Macedonian wall lizard, Large whip snake, Kotchi’s Gecko.

Day 5 – 7 On day five we’’ll move on North to the foothills of the highest mountain of the Balkans – Rila, which will be our last base and from here we’ll explore the higher terrains of Rila National Park.

Being in the high mountain gives us chances to photograph some of the most elusive, but on the other hand most beautiful butterflies in Europe –Apollo and Cynthia’s fritillary. Other mountainous species will be: Balkan Copper, False Eros Blue, Small-pearl bordered fritillary, Great Sooty Satire, Mountain Alcon Blue, Large Blue, Mountain Argus and other

Day 8 Departure from Sofia airport

Tour details

Best Period:       June - July

Group size:       2 - 6 people

Cost:                  1270 Euro